SS16 Rockahula Kids campaign: Behind the scenes

Thursday 21 January 2016

Photographer Emily Kornya set the Rockahula Kids campaign for SS16 in the beautiful gardens of Paris with a troop of Rockahula girls.  We invite you to take a look behind the scenes of the shoot and all the fun they had...


When Rockahula Kids met Sas and Yosh...

Tuesday 24 February 2015
Rockahula Kids with Sas and Yosh blog post copy

Flying birds and dancing girls... the world of Sas and Yosh is a place we like to be.  We got ourselves a little photo shoot going down at Rockahula Towers using their original and unique fine quality wallpapers and some Rockahula Kids goodies, and this is the rather wonderful result!  

To see more of their beautiful prints and check out their array of homeware products, visit  


Top 5 stocking fillers for girls

Sunday 30 November 2014
Top 5 stocking fillers for girls copy

It's that time of year when Santa's thoughts turn to filling up those stockings with gorgeous goodies, so here's our top 5  Rockahula Kids accessories perfect for nestling in amongst the tangerines and chocolate coins. Guaranteed to get a great reaction on Christmas day!


Junior Design Awards

Friday 07 November 2014
Shimmer spot jewellery copy

Excitement levels are running at fever pitch here at Rockahula Towers as we have just heard that we have been awarded 'Highly Commended' by the Junior Design Awards team in our category of Best Accessories Brand!!

Junior has always showcased the very best in beautifully designed, exquisitely crafted products and lifestyle brands for the discerning and style conscious parent, so to be considered alongside other top brands such as Rachel Riley, Paul Smith Junior and Pale Cloud is a great compliment indeed!

You can catch up on all the news from the awards here:


Hello new season!

Saturday 16 August 2014
Hello new season! copy

It's so sad when summer starts to feel like it's coming to an end, the start of school is looming again and things go back to the same old same old. The only good thing about it is that all of a sudden the shops are full of new stuff!  So what better way to perk yourself up than taking a look at the lovely new goodies just in at Rockahula Kids.  Be warned - you may want it all!


Long summer days...

Tuesday 01 July 2014
The end of summer copy

We love childhood memories of long hot summer days when the school holidays seemed to last forever... here are a few ideas on making those memories for your own kids.

1. Little things like this absolutely delight children - to see their own name cut out in a piece of fruit is right up there!

2. A den or hideaway is an absolute must in summer and this is the cream of the crop, a mini caravan of their own.  Kit out with a mini table and chairs and even on rainy days there is somewhere special to play.

3. Why should kids have all the fun?  Put them to work with a lemonade stand and they can bring home the bacon while you relax in a deckchair close by!

4. What is not to love about a hat shaped like a doughnut.  This is both a fun craft project and a summer safety essential rolled into one!

5. The summer hols are all about treats - dipping their lollies into melted chocolate will be a massive hit, just make sure you are prepared for the sugar rush afterwards...


Rockahula Kids accessories Spring/Summer 2014!

Monday 03 March 2014
SS14 new lines copy

This collection of little beauties make up the new range of accessories for Spring/Summer 2014 from Rockahula Kids!  Don't worry - lots of your favourites are still in the range, but these new items have been added in to freshen up our offer. 

As usual you can mix and match to your hearts content, with a co-ordinating resin flower necklace, bracelet, ring set and hair clips.  When we (finally) get some sunshine, be at the ready with your Delilah flower clips and garland!  And very excitingly, you can stash it all away in one of our super cute ditsy bow bags or purses.  What's not to like!

Retail prices range from £4 to £16, if you would like more info then head over to the main website for more details.


Playtime Paris

Friday 31 January 2014
Playtime Paris blog pics

We recently travelled over to Paris to peddle the Rockahula Kids wares at children's trade show Playtime Paris and were totally inspired by the installations all around the show.  There was a giant paper cut out Polar bear, twinkling stars dangling down around the clothing on display, a huge childs face drawn in gold pen on a stack of cardboard boxes - even the restaurant was lit up with huge neon bars! Definitely a must visit show to go on the list if you're looking for some new ideas.


DIY decs!

Friday 20 December 2013
DIY decs copy

The holidays have begun - what could be a more festive way to while away a chilly afternoon than crafting up some xmas decs with the kids.  All these ideas look fab and are fun to do... there are lots more on our Pinterest page too!

1. It's an oldie but a goodie - paper snowflakes are easy and fun to make and can look stunning.  Here they are cascading down, we took the easier option and tacked them in our windows but both look great.

2. Just... wow!  What's not to love about a balloon with tinsel streamers.  Over here we don't usually do balloons for Christmas but this is just irresistible!

3. Home made glitter baubles - yes there will be glitter everywhere but it will be guaranteed fun.  Made from polystyrene balls painted in PVA and then rolled in glitter, these would look luscious strung with brightly coloured velvet ribbon.

4. This little bear is made from modelling clay and then drawn on with marker.  Getting your kids to draw their own characters could make some really lovely decs that could come out year after year.

5. How we love these strange little Christmas folk... simply felt pieces glued to a cardboard cone with a face drawn on - curiously appealing!


Easy as ABC...

Saturday 05 October 2013
Easy as ABC.

Learning to read when you're a kid is pretty tough.  Just holding a pen the right way seems to be a bit of a challenge.  So I am trying subliminal learning (stick with me here) - and surrounding my little man with lovely, lovely letters.  And once he is immersed I can sit back and relax and eat all the letter cookies - job done!

1. I love this letter card, by Sea Urchin Studio on Etsy - this is a great little shop that does all sorts of letter-y things and really good value for money - this is only £2.88!

2. A cup of tea and a chat about a letter - how civilised.  Letter mugs from

3. Letter light - extravagant and showy but hey - some letters deserve a bit of razzle dazzle and according to this, g is clearly one of them.  This one is actually home made.

4. Oh deer!  A child is never too young to be introduced to a visual pun, especially when it involves a cute woodland animal.  Letters from *

5. These letter cushions are a great way to keep your child comfortable while learning their ABC.

6. A fun idea - make and decorate letter cookies together then they can eat them when they get them right. Don't bother with this if your child is too advanced as there will be none left for you.

* I warn you - this website is full of very gorgeous things for kids rooms and you may inadvertently end up re-decorating their room and possibly the whole house, when all you were doing was looking for an unusual drawer knob.


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