Our values


We believe that part of good business is giving back. That’s why we donate 5% of our net annual profit to childrens charities. The two main charities we support are Maternity Worldwide and Chance for Childhood - both carrying out essential work to help children and mother's at risk.


Over time we have built up strong and mutually respectful relationships with our manufacturers, and work collaboratively with them on our products. We work with only six trusted partners, all of whom are independently audited, to ensure that fair and safe working practices are adhered to.


We have eliminated plastic packaging completely from our customer orders, which are packed in lovely recyclable stripy paper bags and card postal boxes. Our stockists orders are 95% plastic packaging free, using mainly paper bags or compostable bags. Our product packaging is made from 100% recyclable card, and the small sheet of plastic on our necklace boxes is also recyclable. There is always more to do and this continues to be an area of focus.


Nothing from our head office is wasted - we work closely with the charity New Life who receive any swatches, samples and stock that are no longer needed. They re-purpose or recycle these items, raising money to help provide support for disabled children and their families. We have introduced our new 'take back' scheme, where you can return your old used products and we will recycle them for you.


Girls and boys deserve a choice in the type of products available to them – boys are not averse to a sprinkling of sparkles, and likewise plenty of girls love dinosaurs!  All kids are different and we love to embrace that in the products we design. It’s also essential to us that we represent a diverse mix of children in our images, as we recognise the importance for children to be able to self identify with media and retail images.


We design and make our products to be the best they can be – not just fun, but safe for children to use, made to last and with good quality materials, so that in time they can be handed down to siblings or friends. We road test our products rigorously to make sure our clips stay put and our elastics stretch without snapping – if a product fails on functionality and durability it doesn’t make it into the range, no matter how awesome it is! 



We’re on a mission to provide the best possible customer service with a personal touch that you just don't get from huge corporate brands! We pride ourselves on going the extra mile for our customers, so if there is something we can help with, contact us at info@rockahulakids.com and we’ll do everything we can to assist.

If you have any questions about any aspect of our values that we haven't covered here, please get in touch at info@rockahulakids.com